Publication format

Instrucciones para autores - plantilla

If you wish to publish with us, please submit your manuscript in pdf and formatted according to the template. It must not exceed 30 pages including references.

The title is Times New Roman 20 centered, it must appear in bold in the main language of the paper, and regular font in the secondary language (style “Título/Title”). The authors will appear in order indicating affiliation, address and email as indicated in the template (style “Authors”). If all authors have the same affiliation it is not necessary to repeat it.

The font of the contents of the paper will be 12 Times New Roman and the text will be justified with single alignment (style “Normal”). There are three title levels. The first level (style “Title1”) is 12 Times New Roman, bold, centered and numbered. The second is 12 Times New Roman, italics, aligned to the left and numbered (style “Title2”). The third level is like the second but without numbering and with the text starting in the same line right after the title.

You may include as many sections as you consider appropriate, and it is mandatory to include a reference section at the end of the paper. You can include acknowledgments in a dedicated section before the references.

Tables and figures are always referenced in the text. Figures are named “Figura 1” or “Figure 1” and tables como “Tabla 1” o “Table 1” and the caption (style “Epígrafe”) must always appear below the figure or table.


The references and bibliography must follow the APA Style (

How to submit a manuscript

Instrucciones para autores - cómo un subir artículoTo submit your manuscript to the web you can follow the steps indicated in this guide:


Terms and conditions

To publish with AIRES the following terms and conditions must be accepted:

Terms and Conditions